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Monday November 28, 21:00 - 21:40 CET

néomí (NL)

néomí is a folk-pop singer-songwriter who writes authentic and sincere stories backed by dreamy soundscapes inspired by folk songwriters.

Thursday December 1, 21:00 - 21:40 CET

Baardvader (NL)

Baardvader is a three-piece fuzz rock band, inspired by ’70s and ’90s bands mixed with stoner elements. They return to the essence of rock by injecting new energy into the genre. 


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Broadcasted on Thursday November 24, 21:00

Mood Bored (NL)

Mood Bored is an exciting new indie-rock treat with poppy hooks, punky basslines, and raw guitars.

Broadcasted on Thursday November 17, 21:00

Flora Sophi (NL)

Flora Sophi’s songs hang in space like elegant mobiles in perfect balance. She crafts moving stories that invite the listener to reflect.

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