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Thursday October 5, 20:00 - 20:40 CEST

Don Kapot (BE)

Don Kapot’s music, described as blurringly hard yet embellished with nuanced fluctuations, is a testament to their exceptional talent.

Sunday October 29, 20:00 - 20:40 CET

Maruja (UK)

Improvisation provides the backbone of Maruja’s compositions, compelling instrumentation and culturally relevant lyrics speaks in tongues.


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Broadcasted on Thursday September 21, 20:00

Wynnm (USA/NL)

Step into the magical world of Wynnm, a band and production project that blends electronic beats with soulful folk vibes of Idaho’s plains.

Broadcasted on Thursday September 14, 20:00

Monokino (NL)

Monokino’s music is a kaleidoscope of sonic palettes and creative tropes, defying the constraints of genre and forging an entirely new and mesmerising sonic landscape of its own.

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