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Thursday October 13, 21:00 - 21:40 CEST

GÂRDEN | Beats: Kiiro & Friends

Kiiro is, together with LorryRast and Yung Penta, determined to show you how great the hip-hop scene from Rotterdam is!

Thursday October 27, 21:00 - 21:40 CEST

Ciao Lucifer (NL)

Ciao Lucifer creates cheerful energetic indie-pop songs. But when listening closely, you will hear how they have woven their demons into their songs.


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Broadcasted on Thursday October 6, 21:00


Catchy bedroom pop songs with heavy guitars. From whispering soft and fragile to raw and in-your-face punch guitars accompanied by electronic grooves and acoustic guitar.

Broadcasted on Thursday September 22, 21:00

inneruu (NL)

inneruu focusses on the entire experience with visuals, organic electronic atmospheres, melancholic sounds, fresh smells and a broad variety of different interactive instruments.

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