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Thursday July 14, 21:00 - 21:40 CEST


GUYY perfectly merges the analog synths from LCD Soundsystem with the playful R&B of BROCKHAMPTON and then pour it into pop songs that remind you of Glass Animals.

Thursday July 28, 21:00 - 21:40 CEST

Bongloard (NL)

You may recognise the feeling of being completely at wits’ end. All you can do is simulate a nuclear explosion overhead as an expression of that utter despair. Bongloard is sort of an extension of that in the form of a band.


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Broadcasted on Thursday June 2, 21:00


BED will be bringing us back to the 90’s. These kids know how to use their pedal boards to immerse us in a bath of sweet and melancholic sound.

Broadcasted on Monday May 30, 21:00


ALBATRE may be one of the very best acts from the Dutch underground scene. The screwed up, either riff-based or totally abstract punk-metal-free jazz-noise played by ALBATRE is a brain blow.

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