GÂRDEN is all about new music. About exclusive, intimate, enchanting and interactive live shows. We create an atmosphere in which emerging artists reach that next level and bring you sensational livestreaming experiences.

Now hiring: Medewerker Marketing en Publiciteit (Dutch, Rotterdam)

Live music discovery platform

We offer you weekly livestream shows from emerging artists.

Artist empowerment

Our mission is to help artists to live a sustainable life from their art. We implement cutting-edge technologies to create new and fair revenue streams for artists. Our main goal is to get quality music heard − to create a fertile soil for musical seeds to flourish.

On our platforms we strive to engage people from different backgrounds and disciplines in a symbiosis with one single mission: Make Music Bloom. Creativity is our core value and we love to operate in niche musical genres. We empower artists by helping them create something unique, a show that will capture their artistic vision live and on camera. From the livestream video we provide artists with high quality content that will allow them to keep their fans engaged.

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Audiovisual content creation

Our studio offers a one-stop-shop for artists looking for a professional space to create quality content. GÂRDEN Studio catches a wealth of content from live performances with multitrack audio and multicam video recording. We merge creativity and affordability with equipment that meets the demands for professional audiovisual productions.

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To follow what we’re up to, consider following us on Instagram for updates about our shows, artists, and playlist. Speaking of which, we curate a Spotify playlist where you can listen to new music from emerging artists. On our YouTube channel you will find promo videos of all our past shows.

Our Team

Arjen van der Straaten


Maarten van Walraven

Head of Production and Operation

Simona Kaaijk

Marketing Manager

Lois Simon

Visual Design

Marjolein Kooijman


Johan Snijders


Marten Ruiten

Audio Engineer

Maarten Ebbelinghaus

Corporate Identity

Jeroen Schmit

Web Development

Naomy Dollison

Intern Marketing | Production Assistant

Amber van Bergenhenegouwen

Intern Marketing | Communication & Events