Make Music Bloom! GÂRDEN promotes and presents music from emerging artists who are both challenging and exciting, clamoring to be heard by a wider audience. In our audiovisual studio we record live sessions which are broadcasted on our online platform, live and on demand. We are proud of being different with our carefully produced visuals made in co-creation with the performing artists.

GÂRDEN is more than a livestream platform. Music lovers can join our community and rewatch any show to discover and support new emerging artists. Our shows are intimate, interactive and free to watch when broadcasted live. To rewatch we charge a minimum fee, GÂRDEN members have free access to rewatch any show.

GÂRDEN stands for artist empowerment, helping artists to be creative and get their music heard. During our productions we always try to create an atmosphere in which artists reach that next level.

Perform in GÂRDEN?

Are you interested in playing a GÂRDEN show? Have a look at what artists have to say about their GÂRDEN experiences.

Every month we broadcast and promote up to three shows. Creativity is our core value and we are not afraid to operate in niche musical genres. If you are interested in working together you can pitch for a GÂRDEN show. From the livestream video we provide you with high-quality video and audio content to keep your fans engaged.

Our Team

Arjen van der Straat: Founder/Director GÂRDEN

Arjen van der Straaten

Founder / Executive Producer

Johan Snijders: Video

Hugo de Man


Johan Snijders: Video

Britt van Klij

Content Marketeer

Lois Simon: Visual design GÂRDEN

Lois Simon

Visual Art Director

Marjolein Kooijman: Program GÂRDEN

Marjolein Kooijman


Johan Snijders: Video

Johan Snijders


Mart Ruiten: Audio

Mart Ruiten

Audio Engineer

Jeroen Schmit: Web Development

Elisa de Raucourt

Marketing Intern

Jeroen Schmit: Web Development

Jeroen Schmit

Web Developer