GÂRDEN helps artists and cultural organisations to create and manage audiovisual content. We are a non-profit organisation with a mission to empower emerging artists.

Music Was Our First Love. Music moves, connects, emancipates and liberates. But we love to work in other disciplines as well, because we are art oriented. In our productions the artistic vision of the artists is leading. We create an atmosphere in which artists can reach that next level and are proud of being different with our purpose built audiovisual studio where we can catch a wealth of content from live performances with multitrack audio and multicam video recording.

GÂRDEN offers new artistic challenges and a stage to showcase live music worldwide with immersive, intimate and interactive livestreams. We merge creativity and affordability with equipment that meets the demands for professional audiovisual productions.

With GAEP we support artists that our members believe should be heard and seen by a wider audience. We do so by giving these artists discounts on our products and services and by inviting them for our curated projects. To scout and select these artists we use an automated, community based, curation system. Artists can pitch to be eligible for GAEP.

Our Team

Arjen van der Straaten

Founder / Executive Producer

Elisa de Raucourt

Community Manager / Host / Camera Operator


Johan Snijders

Director / Editor

Hugo de Man

Assistant Producer / Camera Operator

Mart Ruiten

Audio Engineer

Lois Simon

Visual Art Director

Jeroen Rijnart

Visual Artist

Margarita Kouvatsou

Livestream Operator / Camera Operator

Jeroen Schmit: Web Development

Jeroen Schmit

Web Developer


GÂRDEN Foundation
‘s-Gravendijkwal 58b
3014 EE Rotterdam, Netherlands

We’re located in the cultural incubator De HBS.

Chamber of Commerce – 83133003
Bank – NL02 BUNQ 2061 6065 04
VAT – NL862742948B01
Phone +31 10 3046242

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