GÂRDEN is an online music platform that offers a new presentation form for music, the next level livestream: a mix of a video clip, a recording session and a live concert.

Livestreams offer artists a new revenue model and a new stage to showcase their makership worldwide, but also to create high-quality video content. At a time when fans are moving to video-centric platforms, this can make all the difference for artists on their path to a sustainable career. For music lovers, livestreaming creates new experiences to enjoy their favourite artists and connect with other fans around the world.

GÂRDEN is all about artist empowerment and discovering new music. We are proud of being different with our carefully produced visuals working together with the performing artists. Our livestreams are streamed both live and on demand via garden.stream. Music lovers can join our community to (re)watch all of our livestreams. Most of our livestreams are free to watch when broadcasted live. To rewatch we charge a minimum fee, GÂRDEN members have complete access to our archive.

Make Music Bloom!


In 2020 we started recording live sessions in a rented audiovisual studio and were blown away by the wealth of great content created within a short period of time. We broadcasted these sessions on YouTube and noticed that during the premieres there actually was some sense of a live experience with an online crowd.

From then on we wanted to discover the true potential of livestreaming as a new presentation form. In 2021 we build a specifically designed livestream studio. Not only with multitrack audio and multicam video recording but also with lighting and beaming facilities to create live videoclips. We also build an online platform, garden.stream, to broadcast and monetize our shows and to grow a community of worldwide music lovers.

Since October 2021 we started co-creating and broadcasting audiovisual live shows with artists. To scout and select these artists we developed a unique, partly automated, curation system. In the fall of 2022 our members can be part of this system.


While a ‘normal’ concert is mainly about the experience of live music and the interaction between an artist and the audience, our livestreams focus on the artistic vision of the maker and GÂRDEN creates a fertile soil to translate this vision into a high-quality audiovisual total experience.

Artists interested in working together can pitch for a GÂRDEN livestream. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we love to discover and present new artists and are not afraid to operate in niche musical genres. After your next level livestream we provide you with high-quality video and audio content to keep your fans engaged. The GÂRDEN studio is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Our Team

Arjen van der Straaten

Founder / Executive Producer

Hugo de Man


Britt van Klij


Lois Simon

Visual Art Director

Elisa de Raucourt

Community Manager

Johan Snijders

Director / Editor

Mart Ruiten

Audio Engineer

Jeroen Schmit: Web Development

Jeroen Schmit

Web Developer


GÂRDEN Foundation
‘s Gravendijkwal 58b
3014 EE Rotterdam, Netherlands

We’re located in cultural incubator De HBS.

Chamber of Commerce – 83133003
Bank – NL02 BUNQ 2061 6065 04
VAT – NL862742948B01
Phone +31 10 3046242

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