Artist empowerment

Our mission is to help artists to live a sustainable life from their art. We empower artists by helping them create something unique, a show that will capture their artistic vision live and on camera. If you support this mission, please consider empowering us with a GÂRDEN membership.

2022-01-06 Hebbe – dj during the GÂRDEN Show of Swift.

“GÂRDEN is the right place for musicians and artist to showcase their act. Complete with a professional crew that know exactly what they need to do to create that vibe and aesthetic that fits the artist and their music. To deliver with a uniquely stunning audiovisual live event streamed to you. These are no platitudes they have proven it! The owner knows how life is for an artist, especially in this pandemic, and sets a high bar for hospitality and compensates them correctly. Look forward to seeing what new artists they will bring in the future.”