Artist Impression

Bruno is a creative soul who is outspoken about movies, music, and everything in between. Born in Lisbon and raised in Rotterdam, the best way to describe Bruno is as an all-round artist who mostly makes weird and original bass-guitar driven music. The genres he experiments in and through move between funk, noise, Latin and so much more.

Over the years he has played with artists like Elliott Sharp, Pierre Bastien, Oene Van Geel, Mark Tuinstra, Theo Loevendie, Fred Lonberg Holm, Kato Hideki, Niti Ranjan Biswas, Marije Nie and Jorgen Teller.

Albums have been released on different labels (Tocado Records, Laterax) and independently. You can check his concert calendar for dates and places of live performances.

As a visual artist Bruno is a member of a Rotterdam based artist collective, now known as Trompette de la Mort. He graduated from the Academy of Art, Willem de Kooning in 2001. This website displays a part of his work, and most of the albums carry his artwork. Expositions and performances (solo and with Antistrot) have taken place in the Netherlands and abroad (Berlin, New York, Miami, Tokyo).

When in Rotterdam Bruno also gives workshops and provides bass lessons.


During the pandemic lockdowns Bruno played with his band Stöma at schools to entertain children. They’re his favorite audience because he feels most connected with them. It’s impossible to fool children he says, playing for them requires a balance between lightness and depth in your music. In other words, a great learning curve for shows played for adults too.

Bruno has some plans on the agenda. He can be seen on November 28 in the Slachthuis in Haarlem with Cantos Deus and on December 1st he can be heard and seen on radio WORM. As is usual with Bruno, he also has various other projects in the pipeline among which are three new albums with various themes and sounds. The first album is Ventriloquism, an acoustic album with a Latin vibe, which is already available on Bandcamp. Ventriloquism is also the basis of Bruno’s show at GÂRDEN where he’ll take you through his music in settings from Film Noir to Noize to Ghost Funk.

Bruno’s show will be more of a weird film then a live stream, in which the viewer can enjoy the music, art, modern dance, silly sketches or simply marvel at the combination of these disciplines.

Featuring the amazing Bonnie Doets (dance), Philipp Ernsting (drums), Enio Ramalho (decks) and Martin Ruiten (guitar)!

Don’t want to miss Bruno’s live online show? Get your ticket here!