Data deletion

Welcome to Our Data Deletion Policy

At GÂRDEN, we value the importance of privacy and data security. This webpage is all about our data deletion policy, on how we keep your data safe and delete it when needed.

  1. Why We Delete Data
    We believe in only keeping your data for as long as necessary. Once we’ve done what we need to do with it or if you ask us to delete it, we’ll make sure to remove that info ASAP.
  2. What We Delete
    Our data deletion policy covers all the personal stuff we collect and handle, like your name, email, account info, and anything that can identify you directly or indirectly.
  3. How Long We Keep Data
    We only hold onto your personal data for as long as we really need it. Once we’re done with it or if you tell us to delete it, we won’t keep it hanging around.
  4. Our Data Deletion Process
    We use a human touch to make sure your data is deleted properly. On request send to we manually delete all your data. For security reason the request needs to be send from the email address connected to the data and you need to confirm our replying mail asking you whether you really want your data to be deleted.
  5. Dealing with Others
    If we work with other companies to process your data, don’t worry! We make sure they follow the same high standards and have solid data deletion policies in place. We keep an eye on them to make sure your data is treated with respect.
  6. Playing by the Rules
    We want our data deletion policy to be compliant with the important data protection laws, like the GDPR and other privacy regulations. If you have any questions or complaints, please send an email to
  7. Open and Honest
    We want to be transparent about how we handle your data. Keep an eye on this policy for any updates or changes. If we make any big changes, we make sure to communicate them clearly.