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Absent Chronicles (NL)

Broadcasted on Thursday March 10 2022, 21:00

What happens when a DJ starts to think about live music elements and a visual identity? The music stays electronic and glitchy, but the experience for the fan turns upside down. In GÂRDEN, Absent Chronicles puts on his mask and turns into a mesmeric audiovisual star. A live show featuring Razxr Blade, Charlie McClean, Simon Pingen, Francesca Vincentie and Vlezige Treur

Setlist full livestream (51 min)

  1. Cherrybelt
  2. Repeat After Me
  3. Prodigal
  4. Madness Over Madness (visual art)
  5. People Like You
  6. Carry On
  7. Polly’s Dream (visual art)
  8. Improv 1
  9. Barefoot
  10. Escapism Day (visual art)
  11. Best Of Me
  12. Mach 6
  13. Sunsad
  14. Windowshopping (visual art)
  15. Spoken word
  16. Ghost
  17. Hidden In Plain Fright (visual art)
  18. Heartwrench
  19. Improv 2 | LIVE IN GÂRDEN (videoclip)