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aja monet (USA)

Broadcasted on Tuesday October 31 2023, 20:00

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Setlist full high quality livestream (85 min)

  1. why my love
  2. unhurt
  3. weathering
  4. the devil you know
  5. every media minute
  6. silence
  7. castaway*
  8. black joy*
  9. yemaya*
  10. Encore

aja monet seamlessly combines music and visual art to deepen her profound artistic expression. Her poems, often described as a force of gravity, form the core of this mesmerising performance, drawing us into a world where all things are attracted, contemplated, and set into motion.

* Video art during “castaway”, “black joy” and “yemaya” is made by Nicolas Premier, Et puis, le rivage, 2022.

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Perfect for Free and Smooth lovers and the fans of Gil Scott-Heron and June Jordan.

aja monet – vocals
Javier Santiago – piano
Peter Somuah – trompet
Niek de Bruijn – drums
Vernon Chatlein – percussion
Ildo Nandja – contrabas
Niko Coyez – flute

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