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aja monet (USA)

Broadcasted on Tuesday October 31, 20:00

aja monet seamlessly combines music and visual art to deepen her profound artistic expression. Her poems, often described as a force of gravity, form the core of this mesmerising performance, drawing us into a world where all things are attracted, contemplated, and set into motion. Perfect for Free and Smooth lovers and the fans of Gil Scott-Heron and June Jordan.

Setlist full livestream (85 min)
1. why my love
2. unhurt
3. weathering
4. the devil you know
5. every media minute
6. silence
7. castaway
8. black joy
9. yemaya
10. Encore
11. Live Q&A*

* Exclusive on garden.stream

aja monet – vocals
Javier Santiago – piano
Peter Somuah – trompet
Niek de Bruijn – drums
Vernon Chatlein – percussion
Ildo Nandja – contrabas
Niko Coyez – flute

Video art during “castaway”, “black joy” and “yemaya” is made by: Nicolas Premier, Et puis, le rivage, 2022.

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Tags: Artist Residency Program | Jazz | Spoken word | US