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Broadcasted on Monday May 30 2022, 21:00

ALBATRE may be one of the very best acts from the Dutch underground scene. The screwed up, angry, either riff-based or totally abstract punk-metal-free jazz-noise consisting of two Portuguese musicians, Gonçalo Almeida and Hugo Costa, and one German, Philipp Ernsting is a brain blow. Everything emerged in distortion and with a sometimes heavy, sometimes crazily fast beat. With the music being explosive and always searching for the maximum impact, there’s also nuance and great detail, with the three contributors throwing intriguing elements into the magma of sound.

Perfect for Free and Loud lovers. 

Setlist full livestream (86 min)
1. Fall of the damned
2. Goya
3. Dance of a dead paradise
4. Asmodea
5. Ship of Fools
6. The Owl
7. Peasant Dance
8. Bruxas
9. Live Q&A

Hugo Costa – saxophone
Gonzo Almeida – bass
Philipp Ernsting – drums

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