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Albertine (NL)

Broadcasted on Thursday December 2 2021, 21:00

ALBERTINE‘s unique voice and plucking techniques on her viola, combined with her visual choices take you into how she experiences the world and her life. A show about the unbearable lightness of life, global warming, longing for your homeland, losing loved ones, ignoring setbacks, gaining self-confidence and all kinds of other more and less mundane themes in the life of a young woman in the city. Perfect for Smooth and Free lovers. 

“From the moment I walked into GÂRDEN I immediately noticed that the whole team has this dedication to actively co-create in the process of preparing for the performance. It’s so wonderful to have a place that’s not just a beautiful space with good gear, but where everyone who works there has this week’s long focus on your livestream and is constantly there for you. In GÂRDEN they really do go above and beyond: you get the feeling that in the space of just a few days you become a tight-knit team where your wildest ideas find fertile ground. It’s the perfect place to try new things!”

Setlist full livestream (56 min)
1. Wind Blows
2. The Bones of You
3. Super Glue
4. Space Dance
5. Drops
6. What If You Were The Moon
7. Lightness
8. True Love
9. Rascal
10. Live Q&A

Yanna Albertine Pelser – vocals and viola
Laia Escartin – vocals and percussion
Gabriel Milliet – vocals and multiple instruments

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