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Anton Goudsmit’s Ton Petit ft. Mete Erker (NL)

Broadcasted on Tuesday June 6 2023, 20:00

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Setlist full livestream (62 min)

  1. Calme
  2. Ton Petit
  3. Desperate/Karma-tic
  4. El Hugonote Franje
  5. Graat Paling
  6. The Fridge
  7. Cookies [Written by Mete Erker]

Anton Goudsmit’s Ton Petit takes you on a journey of wonders creating boundary-pushing soundscapes. An extraordinary musical fusion with Anton Goudsmit, one of Holland’s leading jazz guitarists. Anton is known for his boundless creativity and vibrant personality. With every performance he creates a whirlwind of excitement and leaves both the audience and his fellow musicians in awe. Joining this exceptional ensemble is saxophonist Mete Erker, whose heartfelt and intuitive playing adds a lyrical dimension to the music. Mete is a master of collaboration, effortlessly finding the space for his passionate improvisations to flourish. Bass player Sean Fasciani seamlessly merges with Anton’s music, showcasing their years of collaboration. Drummer Tim Hennekes completes the ensemble, his creative drumming without technical boundaries, fearlessly explores new rhythms and melodies.

Inspiration for this livestream was taken from Harry Arling’s Kosmotroniks.


Perfect for Free lovers and the fans of Marc Ribot and Kurt Rosenwinkel.

Anton Goudsmit – guitar
Sean Fasciani – bass
Mete Erker – saxophone
Tim Hennekes – drums

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