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Broadcasted on Friday October 15 2021, 21:00

BÄSN stands for danceable and catchy electro beats, with meaningful lyrics delivered through a humorous lens. Disco-fueled indie electro music in their own unique genre “depression disco”. Perfect for Waves lovers.

“Performing at GÂRDEN was an amazing collaborative experience. The crew was very involved in making the best audiovisual experience that fitted our aesthetic and we’re very thankful that they were open to our ideas. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for GÂRDEN.”

Setlist full livestream (43 min)
1. Disco Anxiety
2. Feelings At Bay
3. Synthesized On MS20
4. Men In White Suits
5. Interview*
6. Till Tomorrow
7. No Money
8. Live Q&A*

* Exclusive on garden.stream

Sjoerd van Kampen – vocals and synth
Lars de Wit – bass and synth

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