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Bongloard (NL)

Broadcasted on Thursday July 28 2022, 21:00

You may recognise the primal feeling of being completely at wits’ end. All you can do is simulate a nuclear explosion overhead as an expression of that utter despair. Bongloard is something of an extension of that in the form of a band. Razor-sharp noise punk/garage rock projectiles with demented fury.

Perfect for Loud lovers.

Setlist full livestream (65 min)
1. Problem
2. Frenemies
3. Need 2 Take Some Time
4. Whoo Yeah
5. Monster
6. Nothing To Live For
7. Afrika
8. Trying
9. 9 Lives
10. I Want It Now
11. The Gram
12. I’m Staying In Bed Today
13. Live Q&A

Jannes van Kaam – vocals and guitar
Ties Bogers – bass
Jan Van Asch – drums

Tags: Garage | NL | Noise | Punk | Rock

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