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Bruno Ferro Xavier Da Silva

Broadcasted at Sunday October 31 2021, 21:00
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Setlist full show (50 min)

  1. Serpent Centipede 
  2. Equivocation
  3. Sinistra 
  4. Hallway Dilemma 
  5. Vibramarimba
  6. Nok Nok
  7. Plagarism
  8. Yuko
  9. Para
  10. Zteque
  11. 123 123
  12. Abracadabra 
  13. Bleep Bleep
  14. Afrobru
  15. Hoempa Fela

I’m Bruno. Musician. illustrator. Artist. I make art that pushes the boundaries. Music that rubs against eardrums. Illustrations that confront and amaze. I play bass guitar with a bow.

As an artist I like to play with others. My regular band is Stöma, but I often make trips to other projects. My latest project is Ventroliquism, a solo album that I want to perform live with other artists. I also like to work together as an illustrator, for example in Antistrot or KAMP HORST. I like to seek out interdisciplinarity, for example I make music for dance performances or compositions for films and documentaries.

A show in collaboration with:

Philipp Ernsting (drums)
Enio ‘Eni-less’ Ramalho (turntablist)
Mart Ruiten (guitar)
Bonnie Doets (dancer Scapino Ballet Rotterdam)

We went!