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Burght (NL)

Broadcasted on Thursday November 3 2022, 21:00

Burght is an alternative pop group that makes eclectic pop music. Alternative, but in an unconventional way. They always start with the intention to finally write that perfect pop song, with that perfect pop song structure and that perfect radio-friendly sound. They have yet to succeed. 

As it turns out, this four-headed collective always takes you somewhere else. Every song is a trip. Some good, some bad. It’s up to you to judge which is which. They lead you from melancholy reveries to fierce chaotic eruptions and from sunlit grooves to dark whipping synths. As adventurous as their music is, it all still sounds strangely coherent. Every song is unmistakably Burght. 

Inspired both by modern pop culture and French underground writers from the seventies, the lyrics often paint a mood that’s not necessarily in sync with the music. A nihilistic desperation is accompanied by feel-good vibes and an unexpected encounter with a loved one is framed with dissonant guitars. 

Perfect for the fans of inneruu and ALBATRE

Setlist full livestream (53min)

  1. On My Phone Again
  2. Bright New
  3. Never Gonna Make It
  4. Come Come One
  5. Come Come Two
  6. Slow & Little
  7. Super Variation (Mistaken It for Love)