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Cid Rim (AT)

Broadcasted on Monday December 18 2023, 20:00

Austrian producer Cid Rim, or Clemens Bacher, is forging his own sophisticated electronic music that defies contemporary classification. Simply, he doesn’t fit. And there’s some good reason: hailing from Vienna where Bacher is a recognised young free jazz drummer, tutor and multi-instrumentalist – he was always cultivating the sound of ‘Cid Rim’ bringing a patina of otherworldly musicianship to his progressive electronic hip hop. Cid Rim’s background in jazz informs an approach that is perhaps true of all of the LuckyMe artists – there is no rule book here and it’s definitely more fun without one.

Cid Rim is our second artist to join our Artist Residency Program! Next to his own livestream, Cid Rim will be curating two more livestreams giving emerging artists a platform to showcase their artistry. Cid Rim proudly curated Canty and Niels Broos.

Perfect for Waves and Free lovers and the fans of Autechre and CAN.

“My experience with GÂRDEN was amazing. They are very passionate about what they do and are setting new standards for live stream concerts. I had a lot of fun and i’m very happy with the material too!”

Setlist full livestream (50 min)
1. Behind The Sun
2. Get Up
3. Purgatory
4. U3 Station Volkstheater
5. Last Snow
6. Polarizer
7. The Marrow
8. 4AM Walk
9. Live Q&A Session

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Tags: AT | Electronic | Jazz