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Don Kapot (BE)

Broadcasted on Thursday October 5 2023, 20:00

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Setlist full livestream (57 min)

  1. Me Pig
  2. Macorona
  3. Terryble
  4. Bernadette
  5. Don Be No
  6. I Love Tempo

Renowned for their exhilarating grooves that push the boundaries of sonic intensity, Don Kapot, the dynamic Brussels-based trio, is a force to be reckoned with. Their music, described by MOJO (UK) as “blurringly hard” yet embellished with nuanced fluctuations, is a testament to their talent. Don Kapot has thrived on a collaborative composition process, rooted in improvisation. This show was honouring the release of their album ‘I Love Tempo’.


Perfect for Free and Loud lovers and the fans of Horse Lords and Frank Zappa.

Giotis Damianidis – bass, guitar and effects
Jakob Warmenbol – percussion
Viktor Perdueys – saxophone and keys

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