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Dread Pitt (NL)

Broadcasted on Thursday January 5 2023, 21:00

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Setlist full livestream (55 min)

  1. Dread Pitt – Chief
  2. Dread Pitt – King Of The World (Ft. Josimar Gomes)
  3. Dread Pitt & Josimar Gomes – Don’t Hold Me Off
  4. Josimar Gomes – Her Tone
  5. Dread Pitt – Mutual (ft. Josimar Gomes)
  6. Dread Pitt, Josimar Gomes & Aristoteles – Play Pretend
  7. Dread Pitt & Aristoteles – Don’t Pray For Me
  8. Aristoteles – Outside
  9. Dread Pitt & Mr Carty – Hear Dem Talking
  10. Mr Carty – Paper
  11. Dread Pitt & Mr Carty – Mashup Di Floor

Entering the vibrant trap scene in 2013, the 26-year-old producer from Rotterdam Dread Pitt has made a name for himself by consistently releasing music independently and on influential labels, working with talented artists, receiving impressive sync placements, and performing shows in multiple countries. Featuring: Aristoteles, Josimar Gomes and Mr Carty


Perfect for Waves and Beats lovers.

Tim – DJ and producer
Aristoteles – rapper/vocals
Josimar Gomes – rapper/vocals
Eugene Carty – rapper/vocals

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