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Emily Jane White (US)

Broadcasted on Monday March 28 2022, 21:00

Emily Jane White is one of those artists who fully immerses her listeners into her own sonic universe. On her records and at her concerts, we hear dark, folky, ethereal music and lyrics that address global issues such as inequality and the destruction of the earth. In GÂRDEN, she gets to add a visual layer to her universe. Immersing yourself in the world that Emily Jane White conjures up through her music has never been more full than during this livestream.

Debut album ‘Dark Undercoat’ (2007) introduced the world to the sensitive musical universe of Emily Jane White. With her enchanting voice, the listener experiences eerie landscapes, caves of reverb, church organ sounds and synth arpeggios. A mix of electronic and acoustic instruments, White’s unique alto voice gives the heavy melancholy a light touch. Her cinematic approach is supported by orchestral percussion, strings, heavy guitars, and choir voices alongside dynamic lyrics. For lovers of Marissa Nadler, Chelsea Wolfe, PJ Harvey and Alela Diane.

Setlist full livestream (1h03)

  1. Show Me the War
  2. Poisoned
  3. Body Against the Gun
  4. Hold Them Alive | LIVE IN GÂRDEN (videoclip)
  5. Washed Away
  6. Dagger
  7. The Black Dove
  8. Heresy
  9. Surrender
  10. Crepuscule
  11. Dew
  12. The Hands Above Me
  13. Mute Swan