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Broadcasted on Thursday October 19, 20:00
Presented by aja monet

Solely carried away by sound, ESINAM succeeds in blending her soulful voice with traditional African percussion, adding electronic influences combined with dazzling melodies and mesmeric flute improvisations. Her compositions carry traces from numerous geographical, cultural and musical influences, collected from her personal history and through various travels, encounters, tours and collaborations. Perfect for Free and Smooth lovers and the fans of Oumou Sangaré and Richard Bona.

ESINAM has been curated by aja monet, who is part of our Artist Residency Program! aja monet on ESINAM: “Encountering a female multi-instrumentalist of her caliber is a rare gem, and the collaboration with ESINAM, a longstanding aspiration, finds its inaugural moment in this upcoming event.”

“Thank you GÂRDEN for the amazing team work, visuals, lights and video caption.”

Setlist full livestream (52 min)
1. Intro Flute
2. My People
3. Prologue
4. Flute Moment
5. Energy
6. New Dawn
7. Live Q&A*

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Tags: BE | Folk | GH | Jazz