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Fabz Pi (NL)

Broadcasted on Tuesday November 9 2021, 21:00

Fabz Pi is like an alchemist on a journey leaving a trail of his unique blend of spiritual trap and moshpit energy in a punk-style delivery. Fabz Pi left his home in Ethiopia at the age of 16 to pursue his dream of becoming a professional soccer player in The Netherlands. He had to watch his dream fall apart when he injured his knee. That moment, however, led him to find his passion for music as this was the light that guided him through the dark periods he passed through after his injury. Perfect for Beats lovers.

“In GÂRDEN I was connected to everything but attached to nothing, maktub.”

Setlist full livestream (51 min)
1. TAKEOFF (prod by M3)
2. JACK & THE BEANSTALK (prod by M3)
3. HYPERSPACE NOMAD (prod by M3)
4. i BEEN (prod by M3)
5. SOUL TALK (prod by Mystic Pulse)
6. UNRELEASED & UNNAMED SONG (prod by Sterke Atleet)
7. SHADOWS (UNRELEASED) (prod by M3)
8. DMT (prod by M3)
9. MARADONA (prod by M3)
10. CACTUS (prod by M3)
11. i BEEN (Amapiano Remix Prod by DJ Benaiah)
12. Live Q&A

Fabz Pi – vocals
Jack Hippo – synth
Sterke Atleet – beats and sounds

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