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Future Husband (NL)

Broadcasted on Thursday May 25 2023, 20:00

Future Husband is a musical collective with a decade-long history of playing together in various musical formations, including pop group Feng Suave. Their debut EP, “I Love You Forever,” was recorded in a tipi tent, giving the record a rustic quality that underscores the group’s earthy musical sensibilities. Mixed by Scott Jacoby, the album strikes a balance between the band’s organic sound and a modern edge. Perfect for Smooth lovers and the fans of Feist and Lana Del Rey.

“It was very inspiring to work with such a creative and wholesome team. They made great effort to make us feel supported and welcome. We couldn’t have dreamt of a better kick off for this new chapter as a band.”

Setlist full livestream (50 min)
1. The Party
2. Ritual
3. Sunflower Sunset
4. Standing On The Roof
5. Drinking From The Well
6. Let It Slide
7. Terra, Fuck me up
8. Swell Times
9. Intentions
10. Live Q&A*

*Exclusive on garden.stream

Adura Sulaiman – vocals and bass
Kiki Zwagerman – guitar, synths and vocals
Ivar Otten – guitar and synths
Gino Buragevic – drums

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Tags: Indie | NL | Pop