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Illnoledge (NL/ID/SR)

Broadcasted on Thursday November 9 2023, 20:00
Presented by aja monet

Illnoledge is a brother duo of Steve Hartley and Mill Voyance. Growing up to a broad spectrum of music and finding their foundation in black music they have developed a sound called “Akan Fu” putting their focus on cultural heritage. Illnoledge invited movement artist Adjoa Moon for their performance. Adjoa Moon is a multidisciplinary artist and cultural entrepreneur with Ghanaian roots. In both her work and personal life Adjoa often combines her ancestral lineage with spiritual practices. Perfect for Smooth and Free lovers and for the fans of Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye.

Illnoledge has been curated by aja monet, who is part of our Artist Residency Program! aja monet on Illnoledge: “The brothers, intricately interlace their roots into their music, creating the Akan Fu style; a harmonious fusion of reggae, afrobeat, latin, and jazz. Not only does this reflect their profound artistic depth but also aligns seamlessly with my appreciation for artists who carve their own unique sonic paths.”

“We’re beyond thankful and feel honoured to have been curated by aja monet at GÂRDEN. It’s been such an amazing experience to collaborate with the GÂRDEN team. A true dream team that matched with our sound and vision. The whole process went very effortlessly and we felt at home. We’ve created something magical together. Much love!”

Setlist full livestream (56 min)
1. Love From The Sun
2. Orisha
3. Wings
4. Star Sirius
5. The Door
6. Breath Of Life
7. Hearts
8. Innerstanding
9. Live instrumental part of free expression/improvisation
10. Survival
11. Outro
12. Live Q&A

Steve Hartley – bass
Mill Voyance – drums
Adjoa Moon – movement artist

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Tags: Funk | ID | NL | Soul | SR