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Josephine Odhil (NL)

Broadcasted on Sunday May 8 2022, 20:00

What kind of music do you hear when you’re daydreaming? Josephine Odhil is a creator in the truest sense of the word. Working with the mediums of music and visual art, she takes inspiration from wherever it is to be found, embarking on literature and film research, and keenly observing the natural world. Perfect for Smooth and Free lovers and the fans of  Broadcast, The Mysterons, Unloved, Vanishing Twin and Sugar Candy Mountain.

“It was a pleasure to perform at GÂRDEN. The team was very kind and dedicated. I loved working together with them on creating a visually stunning show!”

Setlist full livestream (48 min)
1. Fly On The Wall
2. Sigh
3. Rye
4. Be Your Better Self
5. Moonwater
6. Wildfire
7. Merry Go Round
8. Mountaineer
9. Familiars
10. Secrets*
11. Ultraviolet

* Also available on YouTube

Josphine Odhil – vocals and guitar
Maurits Nijhuis – drums
Joost van Eck – bass

Tags: Dream pop | NL | Psychedelic