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GÂRDEN | Beats: Kiiro & Friends

Broadcasted on Thursday October 13 2022, 21:00

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Setlist full livestream (69 min)


  1. Mr Bean (say less)
  2. PrimeTimeGuys
  3. Blocked
  4. Make dem feel alright
  5. Vliegtuigmodus
  6. Come & Go

Yung Penta

  1. Doorgebakken
  2. Product van de stad
  3. Fietsing
  4. Penta ik haat je
  5. Louboe
  6. Triple cup V2
  7. Buurman


  1. Kiiro met tussen
  2. Move in silence
  3. De echt weet
  4. Loslaten
  5. OG’s
  6. Realiteit
  7. Go getters
  8. Nightlife
  9. Confessie

A triple artist show curated by Kiiro, showing the rich hip-hop scene from Rotterdam. Kiiro, alias Aran Abe, will grab you with his lyrics, word choice and rapping style. Kiiro, meaning “yellow” in Japanese – is a nod to the artist’s background as he was born in Tokyo. LorryRast , alias Lorenzo Stanley Krak, is influenced by the reggae, hip-hop and R&B sounds he grew up with at home. Try to sit still with his head-bobbing sound. Yung Penta, alias Skipper Doornhein, is a rapper and producer who seems to be in favor of the more colorful trap music, but he also knows his way around with the more darker sounds.

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