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GÂRDEN | Beats: Kiiro & Friends

Broadcasted on Thursday October 13 2022, 21:00

Three separate artists, one big livestream! A unique audiovisual livestream curated by Kiiro and supported by his close friends. Together with LorryRast and Yung Penta, Kiiro is determined to show you how great the hip-hop scene from Rotterdam is! Kiiro is set on grabbing your attention with his lyrics, his word choice and his rapping style, LorryRast will make sure you cannot sit still with his head-bobbing sound and Yung Penta will blow you away with his unique hip-hop, trap, dark sound. 

You might know Kiiro, alias Aran Abe, from winning the Sena Performers Grote Prijs van Rotterdam award in 2022! Kiiro, meaning “yellow” in Japanese – a nod to the artist’s background as he was born in Tokyo, has been writing songs and making beats since 2015. In 2020, he released his first single “Wedstrijd”. Since then, he has been working hard on releasing four other songs. With his latest release “Hoofd vooruit”, he was invited to perform at FunXCurrently, Kiiro is working hard on his debut EP “Fully Independent Dream” which is expected to be released next year.

LorryRast’s, alias Lorenzo Stanley Krak, love for music started at an early age at home. His mother mostly listened to reggae and Surinamese music while his father was a big hip-hop and R&B lover. In 2021, LorryRast decided to go solo, after being part of the rap formation BEASTMODE MUSIC GROUP since 2012, and since then he has released multiple songs in which you can hear the reggae, hip-hop and R&B sounds he grew up with at home. In 2022, LorryRast released his EP “PRIMETIME GUYS” together with DJ Babel Ish.

Yung Penta, alias Skipper Doornhein, is a rapper and producer representing Rotterdam. He breathes new life into the hip-hop sounds of the moment. You might know him from his single “Triple Cup” or from his latest EP “Product Van De Stad”. With his flows in combination with his large vocabulary, he is a good addition to the current hip-hop movement. Yung Penta seems to be in favor of the more colorful trap music, but he also knows his way around with the more darker sounds.

Perfect for the fans of Swift and Fabz Pi.

Full livestream (1ho9)

Setlist LorryRast

  1. Mr Bean (say less)
  2. PrimeTimeGuys
  3. Blocked
  4. Make dem feel alright
  5. Vliegtuigmodus
  6. Come & Go | LIVE IN GÂRDEN (videoclip)

Setlist Yung Penta 

  1. Doorgebakken 
  2. Product van de stad
  3. Fietsing
  4. Penta ik haat je 
  5. Louboe
  6. Triple cup V2
  7. Buurman | LIVE IN GÂRDEN (videoclip)

Setlist Kiiro

  1. Kiiro met tussen
  2. Move in silence 
  3. De echt weet
  4. Loslaten
  5. OG’s
  6. Realiteit
  7. Go getters | LIVE IN GÂRDEN (videoclip)
  8. Nightlife
  9. Confessie