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Broadcasted on Monday April 17, 20:00

LAVALU has always been fascinated by the intersection of classical and pop music. Her self-taught approach to composing and arranging has allowed her to create a style that seamlessly blends the two genres. Her music is characterised by haunting piano melodies, soaring vocals, and a deep sense of emotional honesty. Perfect for Smooth lovers and the fans of Tori Amos, Joanna Newsom and Brahms.

“So bloody proud of what we did at GÂRDEN. I have always dreamt of working on such a level and without really noticing I finally live up to my own standards of how to sound live. I can’t tell you how much this means to me.”

Setlist full livestream (54 min)
1. Oozing
2. Middle Ground
3. Wide Open
4. Milk
5. Your Hand
6. Waiting
7. Velvet
8. What It Takes
9. Live Q&A*

* Exclusive on garden.stream

Marielle Woltring – vocals and piano
Roosmarijn Tuenter – viola and vocals
Paul Rittel – cello and vocals

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Tags: Classic | NL | Singer-songwriter