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Broadcasted on Friday March 18, 21:00

Sweet and sexy Dutch pop music for people who enjoy veering from glittery pop tunes to tougher electronic drums. These are songs about sex, casual love, and a host of stereotypes brought you by LE MOTAT, the alter ego of Tato Wesselo from Rotterdam.

This show is co-created by LE MOTAT.


Setlist full show (41 min)

  1. OehLaLa
  2. Denk Niets
  3. Mat
  4. 1 Uurtje Verliefd
  5. Afstand
  6. Nat
  7. Symptomen (ft. NONCHELANGE)
  8. Naar de Klote
  9. Niet Doen
  10. Waardeloos
  11. Kop in ‘t ijs

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