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Broadcasted on Friday March 18, 21:00

Sweet and sexy Dutch pop music for people who enjoy veering from glittery pop tunes to tougher electronic drums. These are songs about sex, casual love, and a host of stereotypes brought you by LE MOTAT, the alter ego of Tato Wesselo from Rotterdam.

This show is co-created by LE MOTAT.


This show was broadcasted on Friday March 18, 2022. Were you unable to attend the show live? Or would you like to rewatch the show? It is still possible to rewatch the show.

Setlist full show (49 min)

  1. OehLaLa
  2. Denk Niets
  3. Mat
  4. 1 Uurtje Verliefd
  5. Afstand
  6. Nat
  7. Symptomen (ft. NONCHELANGE)
  8. Naar de Klote
  9. Niet Doen
  10. Waardeloos
  11. Kop in ‘t ijs

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