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Luna Morgenstern (NL)

Broadcasted on Thursday May 19, 21:00

Adventurous electronic pop music that tells stories of emotion, love, and the challenges faced by a young woman in music today. Luna Morgenstern is unique, and not just because she’s an engineer and a producer as well as a songwriter. Enter a world where Luna gets free reign to explore what her music can be during a GÂRDEN livestream.

Luna Morgenstern is considered one of the 11 best performances during the Popronde Eindfeest and is considered one out of 12 most promising talents of 2022 by 3voor12! In addition to the songs from the EP ‘Taking The Blow’, Luna Morgenstern also performs three songs that will appear on her new release. Safe to say that this will be a show you do not want to miss.

An intimate, enchanting and interactive live show co-created by Luna Morgenstern.

This show was broadcasted on Thursday May 19, 2022. Were you unable to attend the show live? Or would you like to rewatch the show? It is still possible to rewatch the show.

Setlist full show (54 min)

  1. Taking the Blow
  2. Done
  3. Dying In Slomo
  4. In My Head
  5. Stranded
  6. Click Work Drop
  7. nobodylovesmelikeyouloveme
  8. Tonight

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