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M. Lucky (NL)

Broadcasted on Thursday January 27 2022, 21:00

M. Lucky sounds like their music is pulled straight from Greenwich Village via Andy Warhol’s Factory. Perfect for Smooth lovers and the fans of Lana Del Rey, The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Father John Misty, Joan As A Policewoman and Cigarettes After Sex.

“It feels so good to be supported by a team that facilitates everything you need from pre to post-production. Undiscovered artists are finally able to focus on the core of their work because GÂRDEN makes sure you’re cared for on 10 different levels.”

Setlist full livestream (48 min)
1. Walkhoff Women
2. Gentlewoman*
3. Angels
4. Perfect Morning
5. For Someone
6. Lullabies
7. No Crumbs In Bed*
8. I Hope I Die Before You
9. Champagne Apocalypse
10. Beer & Boys
11. Live Q&A

* Also available on YouTube

Marcia Savelkoul – vocals
Peter Peskens – bass
Nicky Hustinx – drums
Sam van Hoogstraten – guitar
Abel Tuinstra – keys and synths