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Maruja (UK)

Broadcasted on Sunday October 29 2023, 20:00

1. The Invisible Man
2. Zeitgeist*
3. One Hand Behind The Devil
4. Break The tention
5. Thunder*
6. Kakistocracy
7. Live Q&A*

* Only available on garden.stream

Maruja is a force of evocation, seamlessly transporting listeners into a realm of diversity and gritty realism. Their compositions are rooted in improvisation, yielding compelling instrumentation that harmonises with culturally relevant lyrics. These lyrics seem to speak in tongues, conjuring a tapestry of whispered secrets that resonate deeply. Perfect for Loud and Free lovers and the fans of Model/Actriz and Black Midi.

Harry Wilkinson – guitar and vocals
Joseph Carroll – saxophone
Jacob Hayes – drums
Matthew Buonaccorsi – bass

Get to know Maruja

“Working with GÂRDEN was a real pleasure, not only are they hard working professionals but their artistic vision and passion is unmatched. We are huge fans of their work and them as people, we felt really at home and at ease, the process really couldn’t have run any smoother. We couldn’t be more proud of what we have created together and we recommend their services whole heartedly to anyone looking to make one of the coolest videos on the web. Thanks again guys – all the love” – Maruja

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