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Mau Jadzia (NL)

Broadcasted on Thursday August 4 2022, 21:00

Part science fiction goddess, part adolescent lost in the pace of modern industrial society, Mau Jadzia is the impending apocalypse in sound form. Through her music, she brings the world to its knees and shows us a new way in the name of Mother Nature. Perfect for Smooth lovers.

“Co-producing our show with GÂRDEN was exciting, challenging and rewarding. The GÂRDEN team worked really hard to make our ambitious vision come to life.”

Setlist full livestream (39 min)
1. Numb
2. Shoulders down
3. Summer storms
4. Glass
5. Dust
6. Worth it
7. Live Q&A*

*Exclusive on garden.stream

Mau Jadzia – vocals
Niels Onstenk – guitar
Urvin Robinson – drums
Robert Smith – bass