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Mees Siderius (NL) & Hugo Lioret (FR)

Broadcasted on Thursday February 3 2022, 21:00

A sonic and visual trip through an improvisational landscape. The experimental compositions of Hugo Lioret are matched with the rhythmic patterns of percussionist Mees Siderius. The music is wrapped together by the visuals of digital artist Raphaël Morel who joined the show from his hometown Paris!  Mees Siderius is a skillful percussionist, composer, teacher, organizer and co-founder of the Utrecht platform for free improvisation BUI. He has been involved in many remarkable collaborations in the experimental, alternative and free improvisation scene. Hugo Lioret is an electroacoustic composer, musician, field recordist and sound artist currently studying at the Institute of Sonology in The Hague. Hugo is deeply involved in music mediation and is interested specifically in the live production of sound processing techniques, using the sounds around him as his material. Perfect for Free lovers.

“Playing in GÂRDEN is performing in a new type of space. This space builds a different form of tension. As artists, we felt a form of intimacy that pushed our musical and visual gestures in a new direction.” Hugo Lioret

Full livestream (42 min)

Mees Siderius – drums and percussion
Hugo Lioret – componist and sounds
Raphaël Morel – live visuals