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Monokino (NL)

Broadcasted on Thursday September 14 2023, 20:00

Monokino’s music is a kaleidoscope of sonic palettes and creative tropes, defying the constraints of genre and forging an entirely new and mesmerising sonic landscape of its own. Perfect for Loud lovers and the fans of David Bowie and New Order.

“I’ve always wanted to collaborate with visual artists and directors to work on a live recording of a performance that takes the entire experience of watching and listening to music to a higher level. When I received an invitation for a session in their studio, I was very happy. GÂRDEN works with extremely high-quality audio recording and mixing, as well as visual effects, all done live during a livestream. They really looked at my own visuals and music-videos and combined them with good camera work, their own visuals, and lighting effects, all in extremely good consultation, resulting in a performance that is definitely worth watching.”

Setlist full livestream (50 min)
1. Why is it you who decides?*
2. New Kid
3. Bend or Break
4. No Return
5. Your underground
6. I’m not what I wanted to be
7. Baby
8. Live Q&A*

* Exclusive on garden.stream

George van Wetering – vocals and guitar
Sam van Riessen – drums and percussion

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Tags: Indierock | NL | Pop | Rock