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Oh Whale (NL)

Broadcasted on Thursday August 17, 20:00

Oh Whale seamlessly blends artrock, shoegaze, noise and indie pop. Their music is captivating, from subtle and intimate moments to rough outbursts that will leave you breathless. This performance is both noisy and daring and will drag you straight into the waves of their music, only to be washed ashore in the end, relatively unscathed. Perfect for Loud and Free lovers and the fans of Radiohead, The National and Sonic Youth.

Setlist full livestream (54 min)
1. Talk To Me
2. Tension/Release
3. Come Back To Me
4. Blue Lake
5. Refractory Period
6. Swim Along
7. Way Down
8. Exstasy
9. Dull
10. Live Q&A*

*Exclusive on garden.stream

Rimme Rutten – lead vocals, guitar and synth
Kees Huitink – guitar and backing vocals
Jochem Scharenborg – keys and backing vocals
Amber Wolters – bass, synth-bass and backing vocals
Jente Tabeling – drums

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Tags: Indie | Indiepop | NL | Rock | Shoegaze