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GÂRDEN | Smooth: Viana & Flaws

Broadcasted on Thursday December 22 2022, 21:00

GÂRDEN | Smooth, one livestream with two artists that will take you on a smooth journey from indie-folk, to a mixture of gospel and pop to melancholic sounds. Viana Afoumou is a Brussels-born singer-songwriter with Belgian and Cameroonian roots. Her style is a mix of gospel, pop, chanson française, rap, 90’s rock, soul, field recording and poetry. Flaws is the moniker of producer and songwriter Daan Havenith. His work is an infusion of various styles and moods, ranging from calm, melancholic songs that feel like a warm hug, to songs that provoke a darker, more ethereal state of mind. Perfect for Smooth and Waves lovers.

“I think we created something a bit magical together.” – Viana

“GÂRDEN was my first ever live performance as Flaws, and I can’t think of a better place to have had this introductory experience. The whole team consists of creatively driven individuals and they’ve been nothing but super welcoming, helpful and open to any of my ideas – no matter how extraordinary. The artists’ personal creative vision was fundamental to them throughout the process. I definitely felt a strong sense of community inside the GÂRDEN and I’ll surely be sticking around to witness whatever they have in store for the future!” – Flaws

Setlist full livestream (72 min)

1. Her
2. Innocense
3. Solstice
4. L7

1. talking through you*
2. A Reason to Hold On
3. what could go wrong*
4. All We Are

Live Q&A*

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Viana Afoumou – vocals and guitar
Lauriane Ghils –  percussion

Get to know Viana

Daan Havenith – vocals and guitar
Daniel Gimber – guitar

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Tags: Acoustic | BE | CM | Folk | Gospel | Indie | Melancholic | NL