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GÂRDEN | Smooth: Viana & Flaws

Broadcasted on Thursday December 22 2022, 21:00

GÂRDEN | Smooth, one livestream with two amazing artists with their own unique sounds. Viana and Flaws will take you on a smooth journey from indie-folk, to a mixture of gospel and pop to melancholic sounds. 

Viana Afoumou is a Brussels-born singer-songwriter with Belgian and Cameroonian
roots. Her style is a mix of Gospel, pop, chanson française, rap, 90’s rock, soul, field recording and poetry. Her songs are stories, written both in French and English. She appears on two albums of the New-Zealander artist Sam Wave: ‘Rhetorical What‘ and ‘Oasis Ballerina’. Viana is currently working on projects with Rotterdam-based artists, and on producing her répertoire.

Flaws is the moniker of producer and songwriter Daan Havenith, currently making music in his bedroom in Rotterdam. His work is an infusion of various styles and moods, ranging from calm, melancholic songs that feel like a warm hug, to songs that provoke a darker, more ethereal state of mind. Often immersed in warm, lo-fi production, accompanied by dreamy guitars, chopped-up drum breaks and organic textures, his music tells a vivid and heartfelt story.

Perfect for the fans of néomí and Flora Sophi.

Setlist full livestream (1h12)


  1. Her
  2. Innocense
  3. Solstice
  4. L7 | LIVE IN GÂRDEN (videoclip)


  1. talking through you
  2. A Reason to Hold On | LIVE IN GÂRDEN (videoclip)
  3. what could go wrong
  4. All We Are | LIVE IN GÂRDEN (videoclip)

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