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Smudged (NL)

Broadcasted on Wednesday December 22 2021, 21:00

Smudged is electronic kraut punk. In this show they blend their hypnotic synthetic patterns, garage drums, fuzz guitars and kraut bass lines into a visual spectacle. Their raw energy explodes through your screen, but also including the longest freeze we’ve seen for a long time. Live visuals by Jeroen Rijnart of VJ duo Videodrone. Perfect for Loud lovers and the fans of Sleaford Mods, LCD Soundsystem and Snapped Ankles.

“We’ve never had such a good live sound.”

Setlist full livestream (41 min)
2. Live A Little
3. Question
4. The Rip
5. Blisters
6. Hypnotized

Bart Hoogvliet – vocals and drums
Victor Heijink – bass
Mink Steekelenburg – synth
Jim Impelmans – guitar

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