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So-Fi (NL)

Broadcasted on Thursday October 21 2021, 20:00

So-Fi is the less flamboyant half of the iconic duo Nico (cat) & Sophie (human). While wallowing in self-pity on the couch with Nico (the cat), So-Fi’s songs ironically reflect on just that. An invitation not to take life catastrophes too seriously. A colourful milkshake of soulful beats, lots of synthesizers, guitars and human voices (No Nico’s allowed here!). Perfect for Smooth lovers and the fans of Roosbeef and Clairo.

Setlist full show (50 min)
1. De reden
2. Restje oud & nieuw
3. Lucht en veren
4. Boter kaas en eieren
5. In m’n hoofd
6. Tong in brand
7. Apparaat
8. Uit m’n hoofd
9. Ik ben geen robot
10. Oh sorry
11. Maar verder gaat het goed
12. Live Q&A

Sophie Reekers – vocals and guitar
Janine van Osta – bass and vocals
Lisa Ann Jonker – drums and vocals

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