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Thursday December 21, 20:00 - 20:40 CET

TAPE TOY is taking their music to the next level with a free, interactive livestream that features stunning visual art. Fans of the band will be able to watch the performance from the comfort of their homes and interact with the band members in real time. 

With their signature gritty guitars and playful riffs, TAPE TOY will transport viewers back to the 90s with their high-energy performance. But this livestream isn’t just a concert; it’s an immersive experience combining music and visual art to create something unique. 

Last year, TAPE TOY released their debut Honey, WTF!, about loss, mourning and how to deal with it. The dark themes poured into catchy indierock turned out to be the perfect love child. Dansende Beren crowned the album with no less than four stars or as Trouw aptly puts it: “The combination of hard guitars with catchy hooks, instantly recognizable melodies and sing-along choruses, brought with a light-hearted directness, is what makes TAPE TOY so good”. A new EP is already lingering in the distance and with that TAPE TOY shakes off its dark edge and steps into the light. The band returns to its former light-footed themes: a failed crush or someone who forgot to wish you a happy birthday. With new music beckoning on the horizon TAPE TOY hops back onto the tour bus to demolish every stage they can get their hands on.

So mark your calendars and get ready to rock out with TAPE TOY in this one-of-a-kind next level livestream!

Perfect for the fans of Mood Bored and Fuzzy Teeth.