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Broadcasted on Thursday March 21, 20:00

THE GURU GURU, a band immersed in deep express art rock since 2012, skillfully blends angular guitars, poly-rhythms, and unhinged vocals, defying genre categorisation with influences from Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, The Jesus Lizard, and Andy Kaufman. Their third album, ‘Make (Less) Babies,’ released last year, showcases the band’s autonomy as they handled the entire production process, aiming for authenticity. The album’s theme explores the gradual destruction of the planet, addressing the role of money in this crisis. Praised for their electrifying live performances, the band brings a socially critical undercurrent to their music. Having played numerous shows across Europe, THE GURU GURU continues to defy limits and push their artistic boundaries.

Perfect for Loud lovers and fans of SOULWAX and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Setlist full livestream (75 min)
1. Lemon-aid, lemon-cello
2. Jack shit/jackpot
3. (In) Snakes & Ladders (Stakes Don’t Matter)
4. In 2073 (plenty of other fish in the sea)
5. Lotta Tension
6. Saint-Tropez
7. Not awake (the baseballs)
8. Joke’s on you (under over)
9. Origamiwise
10. Make less babies
11. Honestly (I Don’t Feel Like Dancing)
12. Live Q&A Session

Tom Adriaenssens – lead vocals
Siemon Theys – drums
Brent Mijnendonckx – bass
Jan Viggria – guitar and backing vocals
Emiel Van Den Abbeele – guitar and backing vocals

Tags: BE | Indie | Indierock | Rock