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Wynnm (USA/NL)

Broadcasted on Thursday September 21 2023, 20:00

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Setlist full livestream (54 min)

  1. Fire On The Moon
  2. Twelve
  3. God’s Silver Teeth
  4. Tightrope Walker
  5. Inner City
  6. Horus The Child

Step into the magical world of Wynnm, the culmination of a band and production project that blends electronic beats with the soulful folk vibes of Idaho’s plains.

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Perfect for Smooth lovers and the fans of Fiona Apple and Portishead.

Wynnm Murphy – vocals and guitar
Phillipe Blouin – bass
Sam van Riessen – drums and percussion
Arthur Chappele – lead guitar
Mark Beebe – saxophone

Tags: Electronic | Folk | NL | Popronde | US

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