Upcoming / Rewatch

Broadcasted on Thursday October 6, 21:00


Catchy bedroom pop songs with heavy guitars. From whispering soft and fragile to raw and in-your-face punch guitars accompanied by electronic grooves and acoustic guitar.

Broadcasted on Thursday September 22, 21:00

inneruu (NL)

inneruu focusses on the entire experience with visuals, organic electronic atmospheres, melancholic sounds, fresh smells and a broad variety of different interactive instruments.

Broadcasted on Thursday August 4, 21:00

Mau Jadzia (NL)

Part science fiction goddess, part adolescent lost in the pace of modern industrial society, Mau Jadzia is the impending apocalypse in sound form. Through her music, she brings the world to its knees and shows us a new way in the name of Mother Nature.

Broadcasted on Thursday July 28, 21:00

Bongloard (NL)

You may recognise the feeling of being completely at wits’ end. All you can do is simulate a nuclear explosion overhead as an expression of that utter despair. Bongloard is sort of an extension of that in the form of a band.

Broadcasted on Thursday July 14, 21:00


GUYY perfectly merges the analog synths from LCD Soundsystem with the playful R&B of BROCKHAMPTON and then pour it into pop songs that remind you of Glass Animals.

Broadcasted on Thursday June 2, 21:00

bed (NL)

bed will be bringing us back to the 90’s. These kids know how to use their pedal boards to immerse us in a bath of sweet and melancholic sound.

Broadcasted on Monday May 30, 21:00


ALBATRE may be one of the very best acts from the Dutch underground scene. The screwed up, either riff-based or totally abstract punk-metal-free jazz-noise played by ALBATRE is a brain blow.

Broadcasted on Thursday May 19, 21:00

Luna Morgenstern (NL)

Luna Morgenstern is considered one of the 11 best performances during the Popronde Eindfeest and is considered most promising talents of 2022 by 3voor12!

Broadcasted on Sunday May 8, 20:00

Josephine Odhil (NL)

What kind of music do you hear when you’re daydreaming? Join Josephine Odhil on an adventure and find the soundtrack to your next daydream.

Broadcasted on Monday March 28, 21:00

Emily Jane White (US)

Emily Jane White is one of those artists who fully immerses her listeners into her own sonic universe. On her records and at her concerts, we hear dark, folky, ethereal music and lyrics that address global issues such as inequality and the destruction of the earth.

Broadcasted on Friday March 18, 21:00


Sweet and sexy Dutch pop music for people who enjoy veering from glittery pop tunes to tougher electronic drums, brought you by LE MOTAT, the alter ego of Tato Wesselo from Rotterdam.

Broadcasted on Thursday March 10, 21:00

Absent Chronicles (NL)

What happens when a DJ starts to think about live music elements and a visual identity? Absent Chronicles puts on his mask and turns into a mesmeric audiovisual star.

Broadcasted on Friday February 25, 21:00

Lucky Blue (NL)

The Happy Go Lucky Indie-rock band ‘Lucky Blue’ splashes from every screen and even makes your grandmother jump on her couch!

Broadcasted on Wednesday February 16, 21:00


NEWT is experimental pop music. Groovy drums, dreamy guitars, jazzy atmospheres, and poppy melodies that will crawl into your ears.

Broadcasted on Thursday February 3, 21:00

Mees Siderius (NL) & Hugo Lioret (FR)

The experimental compositions of Hugo Lioret matched with the rhythmic patterns of percussionist Mees Siderius wrapped together by the visuals of digital artist Raphaël Morel.

Broadcasted on Thursday January 27, 21:00

M. Lucky (NL)

Step into the visual world of M. Lucky’s music with their GÂRDEN livestream.

Broadcasted on Thursday January 6, 21:00

Swift (NL)

Swift is a fiercely independent artist. Join this unique audiovisual experience where you’ll hear never-before-heard tracks by Swift.

Broadcasted on Wednesday December 22 2021, 21:00

Smudged (NL)

Smudged is electronic krautpunk. In GÂRDEN they will blend their hypnotic synthetic patterns, garage drums, fuzz guitars and kraut bass-lines into a visual spectacle.

Broadcasted on Thursday December 2 2021, 21:00

Albertine (NL)

A show about the unbearable lightness of life, global warming, longing for your homeland, losing loved ones, ignoring setbacks, gaining self-confidence and all kinds of other more and less mundane themes in the life of a young woman in the city.

Broadcasted on Monday November 22 2021, 21:00

Wolf & Moon (DE)

Wolf & Moon is a duo of modern day storytelling nomads. Their music lives of the dichotomy of their voices and marries dreamy indie folk with electronic elements.

Broadcasted on Tuesday November 9 2021, 21:00

Fabz Pi (NL)

Fabz Pi is like an alchemist on a journey leaving a trail of a unique blend of spiritual trap and mosh pit energy in a punk style delivery. Join him, Sterke Atleet, and Jack Hippo through the portal!

Broadcasted on Thursday November 4 2021, 21:00

Navid Divana (NL)

As a DJ, Amsterdam based hybrid controllerist Navid Divana enchants the audience with a wide range of music, mainly at Ecstatic Dances across the Netherlands.

Broadcasted on Sunday October 31 2021, 21:00

Bruno Ferro Xavier Da Silva (NL)

More of a film than a live stream in which the viewer can enjoy the music, laugh at the slapstick, or marvel at the combination of disciplines.

Broadcasted on Thursday October 21 2021, 20:00

So-Fi (NL)

A unique show around the songs of So-Fi’s new ‘self-help’ EP ‘Maar Verder Gaat het Goed’.

Broadcasted on Friday October 15 2021, 21:00


BÄSN performs their disco-fueled indie electro music just for you, live in GÂRDEN.