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Broadcasted on Sunday October 29 2023, 20:00

Maruja (UK)

Improvisation provides the backbone of Maruja’s compositions, compelling instrumentation and culturally relevant lyrics speaks in tongues

Broadcasted on Thursday October 5 2023, 20:00

Don Kapot (BE)

Don Kapot’s music, described as blurringly hard yet embellished with nuanced fluctuations, is a testament to their exceptional talent.

Broadcasted on Tuesday June 6 2023, 20:00

Anton Goudsmit’s Ton Petit ft. Mete Erker (NL)

An extraordinary musical fusion taking you on a journey of wonders creating boundary-pushing soundscapes

Broadcasted on Thursday February 3 2022, 21:00

Mees Siderius (NL) & Hugo Lioret (FR)

The experimental compositions of Hugo Lioret matched with the rhythmic patterns of percussionist Mees Siderius wrapped together by the visuals of digital artist Raphaël Morel.

Broadcasted on Thursday December 2 2021, 21:00

Albertine (NL)

A show about the unbearable lightness of life and all kinds of other more and less mundane themes in the life of a young woman in the city

Broadcasted on Thursday November 4 2021, 21:00

Navid Divana (NL)

A journey through the sounds of glitchy acid-house & breaks, without a clear song-after-song structure and the focus on performance & improvisation

Broadcasted on Sunday October 31 2021, 21:00

Bruno Ferro Xavier Da Silva (NL)

More of a film than a live stream in which the viewer can enjoy the music, laugh at the slapstick, or marvel at the combination of disciplines.