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Broadcasted on Thursday September 14 2023, 20:00

Monokino (NL)

A kaleidoscope of sonic palettes and creative tropes, defying the constraints of genre and forging an entirely new and mesmerising sonic landscape of its own

Broadcasted on Thursday May 25 2023, 20:00

Future Husband (NL)

Future Husband’s creative synergy shines through in their music, making it a perfect balance between their organic sound and modern edge.

Broadcasted on Thursday November 24 2022, 21:00

Mood Bored (NL)

Nostalgic songs about finding your place in a world where everything seems completely fucked

Broadcasted on Thursday November 3 2022, 21:00

Burght (NL)

Leading you from melancholy reveries to fierce chaotic eruptions and from sunlit grooves to dark whipping synths

Broadcasted on Thursday October 27 2022, 21:00

Ciao Lucifer (NL)

Cheerful energetic indie-pop songs, when listening closely, you will hear their demons into the songs

Broadcasted on Thursday October 6 2022, 21:00


Catchy bedroom pop songs with heavy guitars. From whispering soft and fragile to raw and in-your-face punch guitars accompanied by electronic grooves and acoustic guitar.

Broadcasted on Thursday August 4 2022, 21:00

Mau Jadzia (NL)

Part science fiction goddess, part adolescent lost in the pace of modern industrial society, Mau Jadzia is the impending apocalypse in sound form. Through her music, she brings the world to its knees and shows us a new way in the name of Mother Nature.

Broadcasted on Thursday July 14 2022, 21:00


GUYY perfectly merges the analog synths from LCD Soundsystem with the playful R&B of BROCKHAMPTON and then pour it into pop songs that remind you of Glass Animals.

Broadcasted on Thursday May 19 2022, 21:00

Luna Morgenstern (NL)

Adventurous electronic pop music that tells stories of emotion, love, and the challenges faced by a young woman in music today

Broadcasted on Friday March 18 2022, 21:00


Sweet and sexy Dutch pop music for people who enjoy veering from glittery pop tunes to tougher electronic drums

Broadcasted on Wednesday February 16 2022, 21:00


Groovy drums, dreamy guitars, jazzy atmospheres, and layered, poppy melodies that will crawl into your ears