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Presented by Cid Rim
Broadcasted on Thursday November 30 2023, 20:00


Canty creates imaginative and original music that crosses the worlds of alternative pop and indie weirdness.

Broadcasted on Sunday November 5 2023, 20:00

Annahstasia (USA/NG)

Annahstasia’s songs create a world, filled with fantasy and romance, guided by her enchanting voice.

Broadcasted on Thursday June 22 2023, 20:00

GÂRDEN | Smooth: Amor & Evi Bosman

Indulge in captivating collaboration at GÂRDEN | Smooth with Amor and Evi Bosman blending soul-stirring music

Broadcasted on Monday April 17 2023, 20:00


Always fascinated by the intersection of classical and pop music, Lavalu’s approach to composing and arranging created a style that seamlessly blends the two genres

Broadcasted on Monday November 28 2022, 21:00

néomí (NL)

néomí writes authentic and sincere stories backed by dreamy soundscapes inspired by folk songwriters

Broadcasted on Thursday November 17 2022, 21:00

Flora Sophi (NL)

Flora Sophi’s songs hang in space like elegant mobiles in perfect balance. She crafts moving stories that invite the listener to reflect.

Broadcasted on Thursday October 21 2021, 20:00

So-Fi (NL)

A colourful milkshake of soulful beats, lots of synthesizers, guitars and human voices