Since we would like you to enjoy our platform as much as possible, without any issues, here are all our frequently asked questions answered. If you have a question that has not been answered, feel free to contact us!


How do I watch a livestream?
All our livestreams are FREE to watch without the need to sign up. Just go to the event page and you are ready to go.

Can I watch the livestream later or again?
Yes, you can rewatch. Livestream will be first available on garden.stream and later via our YouTube channel. In order to rewatch via garden.stream you have to log in to your account or sign up then simply click on the yellow button “REWATCH LIVESTREAM” and you can rewatch within 2 hours. With a GÂRDEN Membership, you can rewatch unlimitedly without any time restriction.

Where can I watch a livestream?
GÂRDEN is accessible through a web browser on a smart TV, a computer or a mobile device. If you are able to connect one of these devices to your TV, you can also watch GÂRDEN livestreams on your TV (we highly recommend this last option for the real next level livestream experience).

Can I comment or chat during a livestream?
There is a chatbox during a livestream. Via this chatbox, you can add your name to  communicate with the performing artists and other viewers. Some of the questions asked in the chatbox will be answered during a Q&A session at the end of a livestream.

In which timezone are the livestreams broadcasted?
All of our livestreams are in CET or CEST.

Donating and buying merchandise

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payments with credit card, Ideal and Paypal (donations only).

Why should I donate?
GÂRDEN is a non-profit organisation. Since our livestreams are FREE to watch, one of the ways you can help and support us is by donating, so that we can keep on producing livestreams and empowering artists.

I currently can’t afford a donation or a membership but want to help support GÂRDEN
No problem! There are many other ways you can support us such as sharing and commenting our posts via social media (this will boost our algorithm so that more music lovers like you can discover GÂRDEN), referring a livestream to a friend, forwarding our emails and many more. Sharing is caring!

How do I purchase merchandise?
Before or during a livestream you can buy merchandise from the performing artists. The available merchandise is shown on the event page and on our merch section. Please keep in mind that not all artists have merchandise. If you are a GÂRDEN member you receive 10% discount on all merchandise sold.

Is it possible to return merchandise?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to return merchandise since we do not keep any stock.


How do I become a GÂRDEN member?
You can become a member of GÂRDEN through our member page. We have two membership packages to choose from, differing from monthly or yearly payments.

Why should I become a GÂRDEN member?
GÂRDEN is a non-profit organisation with a small dedicated and passionate team. Our mission is to empower artists by co-creating the ultimate showcase of their music where each individual livestream is catered to our artists need. Our crew and gear are not cheap. With your support, you help to ensure the future of GÂRDEN and support our mission. By becoming a member you will also receive multiple advantages.

What do I get as a GÂRDEN member?

How do I cancel my membership?
You can stop the auto-renewal of your membership by visiting ‘My subscription’ on your account and to click on ‘CANCEL’.

How do I update my membership?
You can switch from monthly to yearly payments or vice versa by visiting ‘My subscription’ on your account and to click on ‘UPGRADE OR DOWNGRADE’.

Where can I find an overview of my orders and invoices?
By visiting ‘My subscription’ on your account and scroll to ‘RELATED ORDERS’.


How do I reset my password?
Lost your password? Click here to reset.

How do I delete my account?
You can simply send an email with your account information telling us that you would like to have your account deleted.

How do I unsubscribe from your emails?
There are two sets of emails.

  1. Confirmation emails related to the membership or merchandise you bought.
  2. Our newsletters and service emails, which you can unsubscribe from at the bottom of each mailing or via your account under “updates” and untick the boxes of the emails you wish to no longer receive. Make sure to click “Update settings” at the bottom of the page.


What do I do when video and audio are out of sync?
If you experience this problem, it might help to close all other browser windows or unused applications as well as refresh your browser window. Also, make sure that your browser is up to date and that you are logged into your GÂRDEN account. If you continue experiencing this, or other issues, please email support@gardenmusic.eu with a detailed explanation.


Where can I find more information about GÂRDEN?
Please visit our about page for more information on GÂRDEN.

If you bump into any other issue or problem, please contact support@gardenmusic.eu.