Listening Team

YOU get to have a say in our programming to hear and see who YOU really want!

What is it? 

It’s the base of our curated program. At GÂRDEN, we look for artists with an edge. Meaning we don’t want them to be too commercial but rather more innovative with originality or rawness. We have a dedicated team in charge of helping out with our program and now YOU can have a say too!

How does it work? 

Artists first go through our Listening-Team. Winning artists are then announced via our Fruity Fridays posts on social media and are then added to our Artists Radar playlist. Only once all of those three steps are done, we can then select and invite the artist/s.

How can I participate? 

It’s pretty simple! Every two weeks our Spotify listening-team playlist is updated with 20 new songs. A Google Form is created every two weeks so that you can vote for your favourite artist. You can find our Google Form here, on our newsletter, and social media.

Can I suggest any artists? 

With a GÂRDEN membership, you can send over your personal playlist of suggestions that we will then consider and add to our waiting list.