aja monet

Proudly announcing our first Artist in Residence, American surrealist blues poet and vocalist aja monet. She will perform her own GÂRDEN livestream and invited ESINAM and Illnoledge to be part of her GÂRDEN Residency.

aja monet about ESINAM
“In my journey, I harbor a profound love for The Continent, constantly seeking avenues to elevate artists deeply rooted in its rich culture, weaving those roots into the very fabric of their music. ESINAM, a true custodian of her Ghanaian heritage, epitomizes authenticity in her artistry. Her remarkable ability to seamlessly blend traditional and modern instruments, crafting a sound that resonates across diverse cultures, is a wellspring of inspiration for me. Encountering a female multi-instrumentalist of her caliber is a rare gem, and the collaboration with ESINAM, a longstanding aspiration, finds its inaugural moment in this upcoming event.

aja monet about Illnolegde
Illnoledge enters the narrative on the wings of a recommendation from a trusted friend in the music industry. This resonates deeply with my enduring passion for immersing myself in local music scenes wherever my travels take me. The brothers, Steve Hartley and Mill Voyance, intricately interlace their roots into their music, creating the Akan Fu style; a harmonious fusion of reggae, afrobeat, latin, and jazz. Not only does this reflect their profound artistic depth but also aligns seamlessly with my appreciation for artists who carve their own unique sonic paths. The collaboration with Illnoledge promises to be a jubilant celebration of diverse influences, a symphony of cultures converging, and a voyage into the uncharted realms of musical innovation.”

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