Cid Rim

Proudly announcing our second Artist in Residence, Austrian producer Cid Rim aka Clemens Bacher. He will perform his own GÂRDEN livestream and invited Canty and Niels Broos to be part of his GÂRDEN residency.

Cid Rim about Canty

“I got to know Canty’s music through a friend from London that was vividly telling me about this amazing performance she had seen. Soon after i listened to Canty’s first release and was struck by its inherent rich musicality. The track “Follower” starts off with an incredibly beautiful choir, reminding me of Gregorian chorals, that surprisingly leads you into the main bass line riff of the song and by then, about 30 seconds in, the song had me completely swallowed. Canty manages to create songs that are equally hypnotic, sad and beautiful. I can’t wait to see Canty’s live performance.”

Cid Rim about Niels Broos

Niels Broos is currently one of the most talented piano and Synthesizer virtuosos I know. He has the ability to breath life and soul into otherwise sometimes static and robotic sounding electronic instruments, making them sound playful and joyous. I know him from his work as part of the Jameszoo quartet and Metropole Orkest where his way of playing struck me as simply unique, his sound choices and ability to fuse jazz and electronic music influences are excellent. His newest project is called rolrolrol, a duo with Jameszoo, and has lots of his trade mark organic Synthesizer playing in it.”

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