The GÂRDEN studio is a one stop shop to create high-quality video content. At a time when fans, labels and programmers are focused on video platforms, this can make all the difference in an artists career.

In our specifically designed livestream studio based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, we catch a wealth of content from live performances with multitrack audio and multicam video recording. We merge creativity and affordability with equipment that meets the demands for professional audiovisual productions.

Reach out to us if you want to let your fans and the music industry listen with their eyes.

Waterfall strategy

Musicians are creators. They live in the same online spaces as influencers who work the algorithms and post often and regularly. But musicians need to make music. When they get the opportunity to create content, like a livestream, it should be utilized to full effect. Here at GÂRDEN, we believe that one session equals a waterfall of content. In our studio we can help you realize this.

Pre Livestream

  • Marketing and Audience Discovery
  • Promo toolkit
  • Content planning

Primary Livestream

Live to one week

  • 1 livestream – Free with donate options
  • 10 Stills
  • 3 Highlights (short videos)

After Livestream

One week to one month

  • 1 On Demand Livestream – Free with donate options
  • 1 Interview
  • 1 Unplugged track (members only)
  • 1 Videoclip on YouTube

After Livestream

3+ months

  • Live Audio released on DSPs like Spotify
  • Live Audio Rebroadcast at Local Radio Station
  • Live Rebroadcast in Music Venue or Movie Theater